Manage your schedule anytime you want

This is a free schedule planner that can be opened anytime for a week. A free space where you can take notes for one week from Monday to Sunday on the left side and a whole page on the right side. The schedule page is available for 53 weeks for one year. The horizontal ruled notebook contains 12 pages, personal data, address and withdrawal book (both 2 pages). At the end of the book, you will also find an appendix with useful tips.

The cover of the cover has a pen catcher that makes it easy to carry around like a memo pad. The inner paper comes with a spine (bookmark). With the same binding (thread binding) as the notebook, the page can be opened 180 ° firmly, and it has excellent durability.

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Size: Width 7.75 × height 15.6 × depth 1.3 (cm)
Material: PVC, paper
– Free schedule (53 weeks), notes, address book, etc.
– This product is not dated. It is a free-type schedule that you can write down yourself and use.
– Due to the specifications of this booklet’s thread binding, the flap and door page are slightly attached. Please note that this is a slim type, so it stands out more than usual, but it is not a defective product.