Terms And Conditions

Article 1 (Purpose)

The purpose of this Terms & Conditions and all it’s articles are to set out rights and obligations and other necessary matters between Ninth Gallery and its web users for it’s website (https://ninthgallery.com; hereinafter “Ninth Gallery”).

Article 2 (User Acknowledgement)

Customers and users warrant that they have read and agree to our terms and conditions and privacy policy by engaging and using the website. Customers and users need to be at least 18 years old and have the necessary legal capacity and right to agree to those conditions. Customers and users should not submit any personal information or data without prior reading of our Privacy Policy which explains the details of data use and privacy practices.

Article 3 (Notices)

Ninth Gallery reserves the right to change the whole or any portion of the Site, Services or Products without prior notice. Ninth Gallery may also impose limits or restrictions to customers’ access to parts or the entire Services or Site without prior notice.

Information on this site such as shipping information, refund & returns, and terms of use are subjected to change without prior notice. Customers are highly encouraged to check back frequently for the updated version.

Article 3.1 (Inaccuracy Of Information)

There might be cases where the information posted on our site consist of typographical error, omissions, or inaccuracies which may be related to product pricing, picture or any other general contents. In such cases, we will not be hold responsible for such negligence. The posted information on our site are frequently checked for accuracy to avoid such mistakes.

Article 4 (Newsletter)

Users shall agree that we may send newsletters regarding the latest news/products/promotions etc. through email. Users reserves the right to unsubscribe from our newsletter at any time.

Article 5 (Intellectual Property)

The copyright, trademarks, registered designs and all intellectual property rights in the Services, the Site, and all Ninth Gallery Content, including without limitation the copyright in the compilation of all User Content, shall vest in and remain with Ninth Gallery.

The domain name on which the Site is hosted on belongs to Ninth Gallery and no other party use or otherwise adopt a similar name for any party’s own use.

Article 6 (Order Cancellation /Return /Exchange /Refund)

Article 6.1 (Order Cancellation)

Customers are not allowed to cancel an order (or part of any order) after credit card payment has been authorised and approved.

Customers are not allowed to cancel an order (or part of any order) after a bank transfer payment has been made to Ninth Gallery and received/processed by us.

Article 6.2 (Return /Exchange /Refund)

Once products are sold, they are non-returnable/refundable. However, exceptions will be made for damaged/inferior quality of products sold provided they are reported to Ninth Gallery within 3 days upon receiving the goods.

If the product(s) received are incorrect or damaged, there will be a one-to-one exchange for the same product(s). There will be no refunds in monetary/cash terms.

To report damaged/incorrect product(s) received and request for an exchange, please contact us by emailing us at [email protected] or calling us at +603 6419 1908 within 3 days upon receiving the goods. All reports regarding damaged/incorrect products received from Ninth Gallery must be accompanied by photographic proof of said product(s) taken by customer and sent to our email at [email protected].

Once we receive your request for an exchange, we shall contact you within 5 business days for further instructions.

Once a product has been sold, it cannot be exchanged except for the following conditions:

  1. Product(s) are found to be damaged upon arrival.
  2. Wrong/incorrect product(s) were sent to customers.

All products returned have to be in the original condition and must be accompanied with email receipt with the date of purchase and invoice number clearly printed on it for verification. Ninth Gallery will not entertain returns without proof of purchase.

Any shipping costs incurred for the return of any product(s) from customers to Ninth Gallery will be fully beared by the customer/purchaser. Once we receive all returned product(s) and it is proven that Ninth Gallery has sent incorrect/defective items to you, we will bear all the cost of a replacement shipping to you.

In the event should Ninth Gallery is unable to replace the same product(s) originally purchased by customers due to low stock count of our inventory, the monetary amount of any out of stock product(s) will be refunded in full and in cash term according to invoice/purchase receipt. The refunded amount will equal to the same amount customers paid during date of purchase for said product(s) and will equal to any sale/promo/reduction prices regardless of the original pricing of the product(s).

Article 7 (Pricing Policy)

Ninth Gallery reserves the right to make adjustments onto any published price of any product due to input error, product discontinuation and stock clearance.

Article 8
(Promotions /Limited Time Offers)

Occasional promotions and offers will be available for users and potential customers of Ninth Gallery. These promotions and offers are often promoted via our various channels inclusive of print, social media accounts and posts, newsletter handouts, and the website itself. The offers will be distributed and can be redeemed using promotional codes(promo codes)/coupons when checking out from our store.

Customers and users are to be aware and agree that individual promo codes will generally have individual terms and conditions that will be enforced for all redemption made. Ninth Gallery reserves the right to make adjustments onto any published offers and its terms and conditions at any time prior notice. Any abuse on our promotional offers will not be tolerated and Ninth Gallery reserves the right to refuse any redemption that we believe violates our terms and conditions.

For more information, please check our current on-going promos/offers and its terms and conditions before making any promo code/coupon redemption.